Slow Cooker Low Carb -Good Stuff

#SlowCooker #CrockPot – Speaking of Kyndra/Peace Love and Low Carb, this is NOT one of our infamous #Kindle freebies because to be honest, if I look at too many of those for to long, I want to go play in traffic. You’ll pay a few bucks for this #Kindle ebook, but it will be worth every penny several times over. Low Carb Slow Cooker recipes by…wait for it…someone who actually does low carb! ~Dix

Wonderbag Slow Cooker without Electricity

I was surfing around looking at #crockpot stuff, and I ran across the #Wonderbag, a NON-electric portable slow cooker. Basically you put your own pot in there. The concept totally fascinates me, how do they do that?!? It seems like crockpot witchery. In the reivews, people are talking about making soups and casseroles and yogurt (?) and the same stuff you’d make in a dutch oven.  It works with  with 2-9 Quart pots with short handles and lid; metal and cast iron are suggested. (Like I need an excuse to buy new pans? HA!) I also really love the fact that for every one purchased, they donate one to a needy family in Africa. If you didn’t have electricity, a way to cook without it could literally be life-changing, you know? All the things we sometimes take for granted…it just makes me count my blessing even more, you know?

Here’s a pan of the suggested type. Also want! 😀