Keurig Love

Some people love their Keurigs; while I think it’s a neat idea, I think it would bug me to have to have special coffee pod things. But to each their own! And I get the appeal of everybody having exactly the coffee they are in the mood for at the time.

Cut and Slash Resistant Gloves

The only way I’d even consider getting near a Mandoline is with a pair of these Cut & Slash Resistant Gloves. When my husband saw them, he asked if they made outfits out of that material. He’s a laugh riot, let me tell you.

Veggie Keeper

I am a fiend for little kitchen gadgets. But this veggie keeper thingy looks like it could come in handy. Of course, I’d probably need to clean out my fridge! 🙂

I always have had issues with my salads getting uck before I eat the whole thing…probably should get a salad spinner, ha! But I also just saw this cool…


Shredding Cheese with Salad Shooter

Pre-shredded cheese contains extra starch (i.e. extra carbs) to keep it from sticking. It also doesn’t taste as good in my opinion. If you decide to start shredding your cheese with Salad Shooter instead, you can enjoy freshly shredded cheese without much effort. Win! 😀

Did you know that pre-shredded cheese like you buy at the store has starch added to keep it from sticking together? A good reason to shred your own….