Bacon Pants: Bacon Makes Everything Better!

Do Bacon Pants Make Everything Better?

When my husband saw these Bacon Pants, you know what he said? “That looks like something you’d wear.”

He’s right, I totally would. But I don’t think I’m alone. 😀

Now these are Low Carb pants if I’ve ever seen them! They also express a great truth in life. Bacon DOES make everything better. Who (besides me) needs…

Best Low Carb Protein Powder?

People often ask about the specialty products in recipes. At first, getting the hang of all the different products and brands is overwhelming! But with a little practice and experience, the “unusual” low carb ingredients stop seeming so unusual.

Some Low Carb recipes will use Protein Powder along with Almond Flour to create the right texture for baked goods. There are TONS of brands so I ended up doing a lot of research on which Protein Powder was the best for Low Carbers. Eventually, I settled on Jay Robb Protein Powder.

It’s all natural, organic, sweetened with Stevia, and even has a bigger scoop size than the other brands I’ve purchased in the past. Not to mention tons of positive reviews. Problem solved! Thought I’d pass that along for people who are trying to figure out which Protein Power to use.