Quest Low Carb Bars

I LOVE Quest bars – the chocolate ones, warmed up in the microwave for maybe 15 seconds, will swell up and taste very brownie-like. Chocolate and gooey! I can’t have too many in the house, though…because I would eat them all the time.

Egg Cookers and Piercers

I confess to being a bit of a gadget freak and have tried several egg cookers in my time. I know when I’ve talked about egg cookers on my Low Carb Facebook page, some people love them and some people say, “just boil them, goofy!” The folks that advocate steaming them don’t seem to realize that electric egg cookers ARE steaming them. But different strokes for different folks, man.

Egg Cookers

I have (and like) this humble member of the egg cookers brigade. It is inexpensive, easy to use, has a “fill line” for adding water, and takes about 8 minutes in the microwave to cook four eggs. Not hard to use at all and has lasted eons. Recommended!

I have used several electric egg cookers but not this one specifically. They are pretty much all easy to use once you learn how they work. The little water container included for measurement is handy but I do have a tendency to lose parts like that. I do appreciate having a bell or buzzer going off letting me know when the electric egg cookers are finished doing their job.

Of course, I am partial to pink egg cookers that would happen to match my hair, but many people would probably opt for a more conservative black like this one. Ha!

Egg Piercers

I haven’t tried a dedicated egg piercer as companion to my egg cookers yet, but it looks very convenient. Sometimes I end up using the business end of scissors to pierce my eggs and have been known to make the holes way too big. Not that I’m a klutz or anything….

Piercing eggs is supposed to center the yolk inside, prevent cracking and make them a little easier to peel. It’s more important with older eggs which have bigger air pockets inside, than fresher eggs.

But I learned to pierce them all, so that’s what I do. You pierce the wide end.

Best Low Carb Protein Powder?

People often ask about the specialty products in recipes. At first, getting the hang of all the different products and brands is overwhelming! But with a little practice and experience, the “unusual” low carb ingredients stop seeming so unusual.

Some Low Carb recipes will use Protein Powder along with Almond Flour to create the right texture for baked goods. There are TONS of brands so I ended up doing a lot of research on which Protein Powder was the best for Low Carbers. Eventually, I settled on Jay Robb Protein Powder.

It’s all natural, organic, sweetened with Stevia, and even has a bigger scoop size than the other brands I’ve purchased in the past. Not to mention tons of positive reviews. Problem solved! Thought I’d pass that along for people who are trying to figure out which Protein Power to use.